Our classes are designed for adults, and offer various types of Bible study, prayer, and sharing life together.

To fully embark upon the Christian life is to be with others, in smaller, relational groups, where credibility can be built, and transparency can take place. Without that dynamic, "worship" can far too often just mean when the music is playing, or the Pastor is praying.

We would love for you to find a group that you can grow in, and one day call "home".


    Room 115, Sanctuary bldg

    Kairos is 20, 30 and 40 something couples and singles who love energetic Bible study, building strong friendships, and being active in community service.


    Room 100, Sanctuary bldg

    This class emphasizes getting to know one another, sharing prayer requests, and learning to

    apply God’s Word to their everyday lives. A variety of people teach, some from the class, others

    from the church or special speakers. Members enjoy interacting with the teachers. Most of the

    class has already had 50 birthdays, but all ages are welcome. Participating in the class gives

    you a new group of friends who care about you. All are welcome! Some class members speak Spanish.


    Room 201, Sanctuary bldg

    Covenant is an eclectic group of mature adults with married couples and singles actively participating. The class meets at 9:45AM for refreshments and fellowship before the Bible lesson. They strive to have social gatherings once a quarter for additional fellowship time.  Members of this class feel they are blessed to be a blessing and are involved in many ministries throughout the life of the church.


    Yeats Hall Parlor, Sanctuary bldg

    Members of King’s Joy are a warm and friendly group who desire to grow in grace and Christian Service. Each Sunday there is Bible teaching, singing and a time for prayer. Consisting of men and women of varied backgrounds, and walks of life, tried and true fellowship in Christ and a heart for missions is reflected in the personality of this class. This class would love to share the King's Joy with you.



    Room 107, Sanctuary bldg

    Koinonoi means friend, partner, and partaker. The class consists of married couples and singles. They begin each Sunday morning with refreshments and fellowship followed by prayer and a practical Bible lesson. The diversity of their class is reflected in the diversity of their teachers. They enjoy regular socials throughout the year and take an interest in ministering to the shut-ins of our congregation.


    Tyler Street Manor Rec room

    This Sunday School class is geared for residents of Tyler Street Manor and anyone else who wants a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to learn about Christ. This class is geared for residents of Tyler Street Tower and anyone else who wants a place where anyone and everyone is welcome to learn about Christ. They study and laugh and bear one another’s burdens together. This class has a real sense of community. 

    Class begins at 9:30AM in the library at Tyler Street Tower. This Class also celebrates communion the first

    Sunday of each month.